Brown Girls Doc Mafia (BGDM) Fundraiser

Click on the link to donate to their Go Fund Me!

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Vancouver Black Therapy & Advocacy Fund

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JACI SUPPORT FUND - Help Trans Woman In Need

Help Jaci, a trans black + latinx photographer, visual artist, and advocate based in Los Angeles in need of financial security

Help me bring Ceramic Concept to West Philadelphia

Stefani Threet is an African American ceramic artist wanting to open her own ceramic storefront in West philly!

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Black Femme Housing Emergency

Help Olivia cut ties and be free from her emotionally toxic white roomate.

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Samara's first EP

20 years old from the Bronx, NY, a student at SUNY Purchase, and going into her final year as a college student studying jazz.

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Seattle Artist Relief Fund Amid COVID-19

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Jhona's Gender Affirming Medication

An afro-latinx non-binary, trans-femme artist seeking help financing medication.

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Black Owned Greenhouse & Eatery

Nourish Botanica is a greenhouse eatery slated to launch in late 2021, help her purchase the land!


For the Gworls’ Rent and Gender-Affirming Surgery Fund accepts applications from Black, transgender people nationwide. 

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An animated fictional story inspired by the Black Girl Magic ethos and all Black girls around the world.

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Help ensure an equitable nightlife culture in NYC that not only survives coronavirus closure, but is able to reopen as a stronger, healthier, and more creative community