• Veronica Taylor

When you’ve become one of two

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

When you’ve become one of two

I don’t want to look in the mirror


My vanity has taken its own persona.

She talks sweet words,

Like empty “I love yous”

She has a pretty face.

Lips glossed,

Mascara, and pretty fingernails.

She looks Fine.

She looks good enough…

At times.

But when she leaves the mirror,

She’s angry.

Her once sweet words become bitter.

She knows the “I Love yous”

She once spoke, so loudly

Were nothing.

My vanity is also sorry all the time.

Those are her favorite words.

“I’m so sorry.”

They’re nasty words

Because what do they even mean to her.

I’ll never look in the mirror again.

My vanity made me sick.

I’m unable to breath,

My skin is ripping apart,

I can’t eat,

Vanity is making me so ugly.

When you’ve become one of two

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