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Let's Talk About Hair Removal

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

A light review of hair removal techniques from one hairy woman for other hairy individuals looking to lighten the load

As a young girl whose hair grows at a rapid pace, my mother took matters into her own hands and brought my chubby 10-year old body to her wax specialist. As I laid on what felt like parchment paper in a windowless room in the back of a hair salon, I felt like I was transported back in Mississauga, Canada….or to an easy-bake oven. But instead of an undercooked two-inch cookie, I received a much worse heated experience.

Everyone remembers their first… attempt at hair removal.

My mother warned me about the pain. She told me of her strange method to manage pines and needles that come along with receiving velvety skin. Her advice was to bite your own finger for vaccines. For waxing however the advice just was “you get used to the pain”. Those were the exact words she muttered to comfort her 10-year old who’s about to have their hair follicles ripped out of her legs and eyebrows.

11-years later I can say with confidence that it does get better with time. You do get used to the pain. But over these past 11 years I’ve explored and questioned the different methods of hair removal. Here are my notes:


The most common method of hair removal. The method my mother tried to keep me from for years because she believed it made our already dark and thick hair get even darker and thicker. It’s the easiest and probably most cost effective method, but if your hair grows as fast as mine, you gotta shave everyday.


The second most common method. Can be expensive but you have to look around for a reasonable price. Or you can do what I’ve done throughout college and do it yourself. This isn't the best idea if you’ve never had waxing done professionally, you might chicken out once you feel the hot wax on your skin… so experience it with a professional first, then handle the cost effective method yourself. What’s nice is that you’ll be baby-skin-soft for like 2 weeks. I must say from 11 years of experience… it does make your hair grow less.


Fancy way of waxing. Same results as waxing, but since there is less pulling, it's not as rough on your skin. Also it's pretty eco-friendly since it’s only made out of lemon, sugar, and water.


This was my least favorite method. The cream stings and tingles for 10 minutes. Then you take the sponge and some water and wipe away your aggressive hairs. The cream breaks down the proteins of the hair which thins and dissolves the base of the hairs to the point where they are weak enough to be broken off when the cream is wiped away.


If you have dark thick body hair like myself, someone may have suggested laser hair removal to you before. It is known as the most effective form of long-term hair removal, and I can confirm that it doesn't hurt as much as waxing, and it takes about 3 minutes to do. It is costly, but remember you probably won't have to pay for wax ever again.

Last but not least

Don’t remove any hair.

Thankfully, the world has become a kinder place and the idea of beauty is now being fueled by self-love. As long as you feel comfortable with it, let it grow. You do you, sis. We support and join you in your ‘fuck the patriarchy’ vibe!

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