• Veronica Taylor

I’m Gonna Give You Something to Drink

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

“Are You Hot Out Here?”

I wanted to ask you that

So bad.

South Carolina has the kind of heat

That make you want to fight God

And her angels.

But there you were..

And it was the middle of July!

Dressed to impress.

I tried not to look at you.

But from my little peaks,

You looked so...

“Girl! Come get this suit offa me!”

That’s how you looked.

“Get this ugly white sheet offa my casket!

I’m Hot! I’m tellin ya’ll I’m Hot!”

I wanted to give you a cool glass of water.

That’ll make you perk right up and say,

“Thanks babygirl” and laugh.


I’m gonna bury my face in mommy’s shoulders.

I know you look fine.

Everyone says you look real good.


If I go...

Well, When I go,

Don’t put me in clothes.

No suit and tie choking out the breath I don’t have.

Don’t put me in no hot dress either.

And don’t you dare

Prop me up in no Florence, South Carolina.

“Why She look Mad?”

That’s what they’ll say.

Let me be free as I'll ever be.

Do you wanna fan Grandpa?

I’ll bring you one.

Let me shoo Uncle Sam and the Bishop away,

Talking too much, bringing too much heat.

You don’t want them here anyway.

You want them here as much as

You want to be in that suit.

I wish you’d just get up.

Ask for some water!

You know I’ll bring it to you.


I’m hot too!

When Papa left

There wasn’t this much heat.

When Papa left

We knew he was gonna go.

But Grandpa Butch?

We thought,

“Corona? Hell, Grandpa Butch been through Vietnam!”


Here we are.

Are you Hot out Here?

Let me get you some water.

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