• Veronica Taylor


Updated: Jan 18, 2021

I decided to whisper

and be small.

I listen for unspoken words

and look for rolling eyes.

Being like I am,

there is just more to see

and with my silence,

I hear more than I ever could.

Being like I am,

I learned to talk to hummingbirds.

They got a lot to tell.

They know more than anybody

could ever know.

I told them secrets of my own.

They taught me about Honeysuckles

and sugar water.

I taught them to braid my hair

and give kind words.

We live together

in a small garden.

Even when spring comes,

They don’t mind me.

And there are others down here.

They grew tired of shouting

and being covered by

overgrown white lilies.

They grew tired of

being propped up.

Like art in the Moma

Gawked at.

Talked about.

Stuck in time.

But down here

with the hummingbirds,

We don’t gotta shout.

We can whisper

and they listen.

We can be still

and they see.

I like it here.

With the hummingbirds,

I can finally be

the person I deserve to be.

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