I want to help BIPOC of marginalized genders publish their work, have their voice heard and feel seen because they deserve to.

Paula J. Leon, Founder


Mi Voce Y La Tuya grew as an idea during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic...

Mi Voce Y La Tuya grew as an idea during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic as I, Paula a foreigner in the US, saw how the events unfolded and how the BIPOC community was impacted. As police brutality and violence grew against the black community, I felt helpless in realizing and educating myself in the society that has systematically oppressed my peers. In the process of educating myself, I made it a goal to only consume BIPOC media until I’ve seen it all. Now of course I realised I couldn’t do it on my own, and of course I realised in alot of ways I dont need to. The team here at Mi Voz Media found me more than I found them, they’ve built relationships not only with me but with eachother. Together we’ve created a database and team of BIPOC illustrators, graphic designers, web developers, product managers, writers, poets, video editors, and so much more. We relaunched with Mi Voz Media because it doesn’t have to be my voice and yours anymore because when every team member says they’re apart of Mi Voz Media, they’re sharing their voice. This is their platform, and we hope it will be yours too. We want to help BIPOC of marginalized genders publish their work, have their voice heard and feel seen because they deserve to. To deny BIPOC of marginalized genders a voice is to live in a world where mediocrity is all you’ll ever get, and I’m only going to live and work for a world full of opportunities and utter beauty. In having moved around a lot, carrying my culture with me, I’ve been inspired by the artistic people I’ve met pertaining to a diaspora. I’ve created this site in hopes to amplify the voices of those often oppressed, to celebrate BIPOC of marginalized genders.


Raeva Arshad Sayed (she/her)

Product Manager

Raeva is a graduating senior at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering, studying Integrated Digital Media. She has interned as an Associate Product Manager at companies like IFundWomen and Babyscripts - startups focused on revolutionizing women's issues. An Indian-muslim who grew up in Mongolia, China, India and the U.S., Raeva loves to learn and experience the world through authentic food and exchanging stories with locals. As a woman in STEAM she is committed to breaking the glass ceiling and serving as a role model to third-culture kids hoping to follow their dreams. When she's not helping MiVozMedia grow as COO, you can find her cuddling with her dogs or bugging her mom to teach her how to make biryani.

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Alejandra_headshot - Alejandra Arevalo.j

Senior Editor

Alejandra is a multimedia journalist and artist focused on telling underrepresented and overlooked stories in creative and interactive ways. She is the senior editor of Mi Voce y La Tuya. Originally from Peru, she has studied in Lima, New York and Shanghai but now calls Los Angeles home. Whenever she isn't writing, drawing or photographing, you can find her biking around the city or playing with her cat Mochi.

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Alejandra Arevalo (she/her)

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Maria Gracia Santillana is a Peruvian writer with a passion for the intersection of politics and culture. She lived across Latin America before moving to the US and New York, where she studies Comparative Literature and Journalism at NYU. When she's not reading or writing, you can find her sipping coffee at her coffeeshop of the week looking at pets up for adoption.

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Maria Gracia Santillana Linares (she/her)



Paula J. Leon (she/her)


Paula is the founder of Mi Voce Y La Tuya. She is of Peruvian descent, was born in Canada and lived in Switzerland throughout High School. Paula is a trained actor/dancer/singer who is pursuing writing and stand up comedy. She's trained at the Atlantic Acting School for 2 years, as well as The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute and Stonestreet Studios in New York City. She's recently received a BFA in Drama from the Tisch School of The Arts at NYU this past December.

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Neeta Thadani (she/they)

Writer/Social Media Manager

Neeta is a Desi-American performer, filmmaker, writer, director, comedian and theatre maker, originally from southern California, currently studying Drama at NYU Tisch. She reads tarot cards, spends time thinking about which famous literary characters get pegged, often rants about the complicity of white women in powerful positions, all while taking notes about it for her podcast. Neeta has recently picked up journalism and is so excited to write for such an inclusive space!

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Alyssa Naka Silver (she/her)

Writer/Social Media

Born and raised in rural MA, Alyssa has studied atRADA in London, the Experimental Theatre Wing, and the Atlantic Acting School. She is a proud Hapa of Japanese and Jewish/White descent and is one of the founding members of NYU Tisch's first All Asian Arts Alliance. She is an actress, singer, mover, writer, and theatre maker. Alyssa hopes to create art that is inclusive and powerful for BIPOC, especially those who are Hapa and Asian.

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Sophia Edwards.jpeg

Sophia Edwards (she/her)

Sophia is a freshman at NYU studying Interactive Media Arts. She’s from Atlanta, Georgia. Sophia loves illustrating and animating, as well as binging reality TV in her spare time. Her favorite color is blue and if she could have one food for the rest of her life it would probably be Sour Patch Strawberries.

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Sofia Wheeler (she/her)

Web Developer

Sofia is a Jamaican-Ecuadorian first-year Integrated Digital Media student at NYU Tandon School of Engineering. She is a Brooklyn born-and-raised vocal alum of Fiorello H LaGuardia's "Fame" school. When she's not singing (rare) or editing music videos for the NYU Mixtapes acapella team, she enjoys UX design and competitive running.

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Veronica Taylor (she/her)

Veronica Taylor was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, although her family roots stem from South Carolina. She now majors in Drama at NYU, Tisch. Taylor is passionate about uplifting Black people and is building a career in acting, music, and literature. She hopes to open doors for dark skinned, southern girls just like her. Her main goal(s) in life is to make theater accessible for all, love herself and others, and play Princess Tiana in the Live action version of "Princess and The Frog."

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Alex Ramirez (she/her)


Alex Ramirez is a Mexican-American artist from the Inland Empire, California with roots in dance and theater. She is a student at NYU Tisch having trained in acting and is a company member of Affirmation Theatre Company. For fun, she likes to do makeup, take pictures of her elderly chihuahua, and have very strong opinions that no one asked for.

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Lorena Guillen Castillo (she/her)


Lorena Guillen Castillo is a multi-hyphenate artist- actress, playwright, producer, director, and entrepreneur. She is currently a student at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts where she is majoring in Drama and Producing. In her free time, she enjoys making Fashion, Beauty, and True Crime videos for her YouTube channel.

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Julia_headshot - Julia Krys.JPG
Julia_headshot - Julia Krys.JPG

Julia Krys (she/her)


Julia is a writer, actress, and musician born in Miami, raised in Colorado, and attended boarding school in Connecticut. She is a a proud Jew-tina woman of Chicana-Cuban and Jewish-Argentine descent. Julia is sophomore student at NYU studying drama at Tisch as well as Business and Music. She loves color-coordination, intersectional feminism, and frogs. Julia is so grateful to be a part of Mi Voz Media, and hopes to fulfill its mission through her work.

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